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Get Your Next Promotion | Manbir Kaur

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Get Your Next Promotion by Manbir Kaur is a non fiction which will help you in achieving your next promotion and gives you concepts and guidelines regarding the same. It’s only a guiding tool for you, but in the end only your goals and actions can make you achieve success.

We see alot of different concepts, easy as well as few unknown ones. One common is Maslow’s hierarchy. Four stages of career development – it explains the career growth in terms of individual contribution to the organization. It also tells us what we are expected to do in an organization as an employee in each of these 4 following stages.

I liked how the author has given us some stories and examples to relate with every concept in this book. It helps in keeping the reader engaged and even remember the concepts and apply them better. “The People Equation” concept really caught my eye. Side notes especially for millennials is quite impressive.

Inspite of studying Organizational Development and Human Resources in my PG course, at first I thought this book is going to be the repetition of the same old reference books and research papers. But the book hold much more than that, and I highly recommend everyone to pick this up.

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